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Bird's eye view over GöttingenClimb the 302 steps to the very top of St. Johannis Church. Once there, just walk through the ancient students' quarters to the window for a bird's eye view of the old university town - with its 130,000 residents and 30,000 students. You'll be able to see Weenderstrasse, the road linking the medieval town hall with the modern university buildings. And if you wander along this section of the pedestrian precinct, you'll discover beautiful old half-timbered houses - and lots of the other things that give Göttingen its inimitable charm and make it such an intriguing place to visit. There's the Gänseliesel Fountain in the market place, where young people like to congregate, and a wonderful selection of cafés, boutiques, countless bookshops, cinemas, plus restaurants that offer dishes from right across Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Cafe Weender Str
And on your way home from the cinema or a disco, you can walk round the corner and pick up a bite to eat at a Greek or Turkish snack bar. What's more, you'll find live music to suit most tastes in the many student pubs lining the side streets. Thanks to its University, Göttingen enjoys an international flair and offers a rich cultural life ranging from open-air pop concerts to its own symphony orchestra.

FestAnd if you're in a mood for more robust exercise, you can go rowing on the Lake Kies, jogging along the town walls, pay a visit to the fitness studio, or take a swim in the brand new "Fun Baths". And the station isn't far away either. As Göttingen is located right in the heart of Germany, the thing to do would be to visit Berlin, Hamburg, or other interesting cities near Göttingen. Small groups of participants have arranged to explore Germany together at the weekends. Of course the teachers and the staff of the Language centre will be glad to help you plan your trips.

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The enchanting mediaeval town of Göttingen
is located in an area of central Germany
where the purest German is spoken.
Whether buying your food in the supermarket
or eating dinner with your hosts,
you can be sure that
you will be hearing perfect "high German",
free of any regional accents or dialects.